Introducing the Streak Free Cloth
A Professional Cleaning Cloth with the Advanced Technology.

Stop wasting your money on expensive window glass, surface cleaners and paper towels! The Streak Free uses advanced microfiber technology to leave a guaranteed streak free, spot free, lint & dust free finish every time. With the Streak Free you can clean with NO chemicals or paper towels in half the time!

The Streak Free cleans windows, glass, mirrors, windshields, shower doors, stainless steel, ceramic tile, corian, granite, marble, lexan & more! Each cloth is washable, bleachable and safe to use on any surface.

Washable        Bleachable        Safe to Use on Any Surface

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Streak Free Cloths Are:
  • Professional Cleaning Cloths
  • Chemical Free - & Use Water Only
  • Washable / Bleachable
  • Guaranteed 3 Years with normal usage
  • Extremely Affordable - use over & over
  • Versatile & Durable
Streak Free Cloths Clean:
  • Household - Windows, Mirrors, Glass, Ceramic Tile, Stainless Steel, Counter Tops & More.
  • Autos - Windshields, Chrome, Auto Body
  • Motorcycles, Boats & RV's -
  • Lexan, Eisanglass, Plastic & Fiberglass

With 'Vacuum Power' the Streak Free Cloth Removes Hair spray, Bugs, Smoke Film, Tar, Grease, Brakedust, Soap Scum - even Bacteria - and the list goes on.

Wet It - Wring It - Wipe your Surface - Walk Away